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I’ll help you tap on Messenger Chatbots to crush your competitors, build a list of raving fans, and achieve the explosive power of omni-channel marketing.

What's The Tea With Bots? (here are some stats)

  • 7 – 25% boost in revenue by having an abandoned cart chatbot (Outgrow)
  • 30% better ROI achieved when initiating conversations between customers via Messenger v.s. retargeting ads (Business Insider) 
  • 30% of customer support costs can be saved with chatbots (Invespcro)

So What Do Chatbots Do?

  • [Make You Money] We jest! But they seriously do. No more waiting for slow email responses to queries, leading to happier visitors who don't just 'add-to-cart', but buy.

  • [Bump Conversion Rates] With personal product recommendations, your customers are going to feel 'heard' and loved. Wanna guess what happens after?

  • [Semi-Automates Customer Service] Reduces the load on your customer support team, shaves overhead and frees up your profits to scale your business to greater heights.

  • [Simplifies A|B testing] Option to easily test multiple variations to send to various customers. This helps you to test various headlines, offers, creatives to see which adds the most to your bottom line.

  • [Explosive Omni-Channel Potency] It takes 7 to 13 touches to get a customer to convert. Whilst your competitors are out there chasing the new 'fAcEbOoK aD HaCk" to decrease their CPMs, you're touching your customers on multiple platforms (IG/FB/Email/SMS). Shouldn't be hard to tell who crushes the other.

Here's Video Proof

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s where I show off the flows I’ve built in an attempt to ‘wow’ you to click on the “Book a Call” button. 

I make them look big and scary in an attempt to appear smarter than I really am.

Jokes aside though, there’s not going to be any hard-selling on the call whatsoever. 

Feel free to pick my brain, and I’ll share with you what I personally feel is going to be best for your business with my experience with working with 7 figure Amazon sellers/8 figure businesses.

here's an example of a short, simple flow.

here's an example of a complex, logic intensive flow.

What Clients Say

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