Attention e-Commerce
Brand Owners

I’ll help you tap on Messenger Marketing to build your business a completely NEW revenue stream, grow a list of raving fans and achieve the explosive power of omni-channel marketing.

The Money Is in the List 

We’ve all heard of the age old saying – but what no one tells you is how tedious and slow building that list is.

Have pop-ups on your site that offer a discount code in exchange for the customer’s dear old email? According to Sumo after analyzing over 1 BILLION pop-ups, the top 10% highest performing pop-ups averaged a 9.28% conversion rate.

Not too shabby right?

But what if you could supercharge that – and get approximately 1 in 2(50%) of your customers saying yes to providing their email/digits? (just peek below)

What Do Your Email Delivery/Open/Click Rates Look Like?

Here’s an example of what they look like for our clients who’re crushing it with Messenger Marketing.

This Might Be The Industry’s Worst Kept Secret 

But yet a LARGE majority of e-commerce owners are still not implementing Messenger Marketing strategies in their business!

Stats like:

  • 7 – 25% boost in revenue by having an abandoned cart chatbot (Outgrow)
  • 30% better ROI achieved when initiating conversations between customers via Messenger v.s. retargeting ads (Business Insider) 
  • 30% of customer support costs can be saved with chatbots (Invespcro)

How would you like to grow an ENTIRELY new revenue stream that easily 70%+ of E-Commerce owners are not utilizing at the moment?

Relationship Gurus On Steroids 

Ever seen ads by ‘relationship-gurus’ on ‘pick-up’ tactics to attract the other sex?

Well, with Messenger Chatbots, you now have your very own ‘relationship guru’ in your pocket. They absolutely dominate at automating relationship building which helps retain your customers for longer.

This is crazy important because a 5% increase in customer retention rates can yield a 25 – 100% improvement in profits! 

Whilst other eCom media buyers are increasingly struggling to turn a profit off the front end for their products, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, knowing you make easily 4x of that through the customer’s LTV.

What Clients Say...

If you're an E-Commerce Owner...

I want to have a candid, human conversation with you.

It’s going to take roughly 30 minutes, where we talk shop about if Messenger Chatbots would help you in making your business more money, along with building a list you can leverage. 

I’m going to be asking a ton of questions too, though you can be assured there won’t be any bullshit sales tactics, sob stories or long boring decks.

Hit the calendar below if it’s something up your alley. Times are from 9AM – 3PM EST. (if the times don’t work for where you’re based hit me up here and I’ll be happy to reshuffle)

Talk soon,

Interested In Implementing This Yourself?

As a thank you for making it to the end, here are 3 ideas you can implement right now for your business to tap on the insane power of Messenger Marketing.