Tired of writing ads that get little to no traction? Even when you follow the exact advice the strategists gave you?

Yeah, that’s because they don’t work anymore.

Because even when you do “the right things” you’re competing against 4,000 pound gorillas who can outspend, outlast, and outblast you every step of the way. And they make it their mission to squash you like a bug. 

Not exactly fair, is it?

But the good news is, there’s a better an easier way to win.

And it doesn’t take a ton of money, a ton of skill, or a ton of brains to implement. In fact, you probably already know it right now. (You’re just not doing it in your business.)

It’s Messenger Chatbots.

Oh, don’t you roll your eyes at me! I see you…

But the fact is, Messenger Chatbots automate relationship building. And they work! In fact, you can just write a proven script ONE time, and set it on autopilot to begin the process for you. It’s your own little robot you. (Yes, it’s ultimately up to you — the *real* you — to continue the relationship, but the beginning can be automated. From there, we move the conversation to email or SMS.)

This happens FAST, by the way. And it keeps buyers around longer. That’s crazy important because even just a 5% improvement in customer retention rates yield a 25 – 100% improvement in profits.*  

100% Improvement?! Dang!

Oh, and did I mention? No more ads!

By the way, if you’re selling on Amazon, chat bots might be one of the ONLY ways you can ever have a conversation with your customer. (Maybe one day they’ll give you the data, but that day isn’t today)

Can I really trust a chat bot to say the right things?

Great question. It takes a bit of work and a few weeks of testing, but it comes together quickly. We do this with a mix of Messenger funnels, emails, SMS, and a sprinkle of friendship fairy dust that turn one-time buyers into your new best customers.

I’m currently helping a small group of Amazon sellers, eComm sellers, and Shopify owners navigate the world of chatbots and build relationships with customers. If you’re curious about improving relationships with your buyers and boosting your business without ads , feel free to join us.

When you jump in our free facebook group, you’ll receive my complete BFCM funnel you can use for any occasion or sale, infused with the same friendship powder that bonds your customer to you through email and SMS, turning them into customers for life.

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