Don’t you hate spending all your money on ads, only to get little to no results, or barely breaking even? Or comparing your ad spend to some of the big spenders out there, spending 100 of thousands daily, only to realize that you can never catch up to their level of ad spend?

I totally get you.  It seemed like no matter how much ad budget I could set aside, it would never be ‘enough’, as compared to the big boys.

I have to be honest with you, I gave up. I lost all hope and could not figure out how to recover. It wasn’t until I resolved myself that I couldn’t compete that I realized where I had gone wrong. It wasn’t that I couldn’t compete, it was that I shouldn’t try. Why go down the same bumpy path as everyone else and risk everything?

Now you may be asking…. How can I participate without the big ad spend?

Well, I hit paydirt. I found that just a 5% improvement in customer retention rates yield a 25 – 100% improvement in profits!! (Frederick Reichheld, Loyalty Effect). Without using paid ads, I could possibly increase profits 5x with just a 5% increase in customer retention! All I could think was holy smokes, I was ALL IN!

With a method like this, you would not only be able to create strong healthy relationships that your customers will LOVE you for, but also diversify your marketing channels with emails and SMS such that you have multiple touchpoints to reach your customers. 

And if you’re wondering what’s the catch? Absolutely none at all – all you have to do is join my group and ask questions.

I look forward to seeing you inside.