A K-Pop Star Texts Me More Than Your Brand Does

30 days. 19 text messages.
That’s about a text message every other day.
All this to lead up to an album release. 

An album, that typically costs $30 to $40 per piece. 
An album, that would likely bring in $10 profit per unit sold.
And let’s not count the IG posts(45), IG stories (over 60) and FB posts(40) in a span of less than 30 days. 

To put things into perspective – here’s the content of some text messages

– Admin Stuff
Personal Message
– Favorite Track-list
– Coming Soon
– Album Title Explanation
– Teaser Videos
– Teaser Photos
– Teaser Tracks

So often, I see people being ‘afraid’ to annoy their customers. 
“But if I text them  frequently they’re going to get annoyed and block me”. 

No. They won’t. It’s really easy to get caught up thinking that they only receive promotions from you. The truth is, they receive promotions from hundreds of other brands daily as well. They’re not going to go “Hmm… Didn’t Brand XYZ just text me 2 hours ago?” 

If I’m not interested, I don’t open. Period. Worst case? Unsubscribe. But for brands I enjoy following? It’s always a pleasure to receive their updates.

So talk to your customers. Treat them like your pals. Tell them about how the manufacturing process is going, what pain points did you see in the market, which color they like better. Send them unboxing videos, prototype images, any improvements they like to see?

That way, you’ll already be launching to a warm audience, a step above other Amazon sellers, instead of a market that’s colder than the arctic depths.

Text your customers, and turn them into your best friends.