Post Purchase (Insert) Setup


Once paid, we’ll be hopping onto a 30 minute call with you to ensure our goals/expectations are aligned before the building of the flow.

In the event it’s not, a full refund will be sent back to you. Otherwise, we’ll be sending you a form to grab all required details for the building of the flow.

Feel free to ping either Sean here or Tyler here should you have any questions. Our refund policy can also be checked out here.

What You'll Be Getting

  • A direct sync to your Seller.Tools API. 
  •  ManyChat flows/template build-out and custom set-up.
  •  30 minute consultation call to answer any questions about my set-up.
  •  Videos, links and resources to support ongoing use of your insert card/post purchase flow.
  •  Google Sheet access to collect user information and track customers info.
Requests beyond the scope of the outlined deliverables above will be charged at an hourly rate and will be quoted/approved prior to proceeding. Please be sure you thoroughly understand the deliverables provided. Please allow 4 business days after your consultation call for your order to be completed.

Does NOT Contain
  • Collaboration for new ideas/execution of giveaway
  • Running advertising to drive traffic to ManyChat flows
  • Managing the traffic going into the giveaway
  • Ongoing maintenance to further optimize your automation
  • Additional communication from our support to troubleshoot issues from user-related changes outside of the 30 minute call