But Why Are You Treating Them Like They Are?

You’ve done it.
You’ve gotten a sale.
You do your little celebratory dance as you see your ‘sales today’ numbers climb.


You go back to work, hoping they will be ‘wow-ed’ by your product enough to warrant a repeat purchase.

Quick question — what are you doing on the back-end for an enhanced customer experience? If absolutely nothing is your answer, you might want to reconsider…

It takes a bank approximately $300 per account to acquire a new customer.

However, the CEB report states that 32% of new customers who join a bank leave before their first year anniversary! (It takes a bank roughly 2 years to re-coop that $300)

Here are some additional stats

  • 20% of bank customers who leave within the first year do so without a single transaction
  • 50% do so in the first 100 days
  • 60–70% of car owners never go to an auto repair shop after the first try due to their horrendous first experience

Did you know that across a wide range of industries, a 5% improvement in customer retention rates yield a 25–100% increase in profits? (Frederick Reichheld, Loyalty Effect)

With such a disproportionate rate of return, why are you not putting more effort into providing a kick-ass customer experience?

Don’t settle. Build a brand experience so amazing that your competitors have no choice but to call you king.

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